Stone panels in natural white stone - inspiration for interior design

White quartz stone panels create exclusive indoor environments with a unique atmosphere in a light, stylish design. The white natural stone panels consist of white quartz, and the stone panels are particularly suitable for indoor and outdoor stone walls, e.g. in shops and wellness areas. The stone panels are a purely natural product and are made of natural white stone quarried in Southeast Asia. The broken surfaces reflect the fantastic colours of the natural stone and make the panels suitable for use in both coloured and white lighting.

The white stone panels can be used for many different, contemporary designs such as retro – the sky is the limit. The stone panels are suitable as elegant stone walls or stylish stone cladding and they work perfectly as room partitions. At the same time they contribute to an elegant environment no matter where they are used - in homes, conservatories or officescapes.

For the contemporary home the fireplace can be used as an inspirational design idea which with its cosiness and heat is also a continuous, timeless element in the rooms you like to spend time in. A fireplace with white quartz natural stone cladding is a work of art in itself and a lasting investment in the modern home. The white unites the exclusive play of colours with natural discretion and therefore suits all types of residential environment – both classic and contemporary. 



For private individuals and businesses

norstone uk ltd supplies white quartz stone panels for both large and small projects. No matter whether you are designing your home or walls in or around your office or a shop environment, we have the perfect solution and service for you. We will advise you both in the planning and building phases.



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norstone is a global manufacturer of high-quality natural slate and quartz stone. All our natural stone is extracted in our modern and sustainable* quarries in Southeast Asia and processed by the most experienced, professional craftsmen in the industry. 


All stone panels from norstone meet our stringent quality and durability requirements, both our indoor panels and slate panels for facades and outdoor use. Find out more about norstone uk Ltd and our concept by clicking here


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